When are restrictions lifted in Ontario?

When are mask restrictions lifted?

California, Oregon and Washington will stop requiring masks in schools after March 11, the governors of the three states said Monday in a joint statement. California will also lift its remaining indoor mask mandate for unvaccinated people in public settings on Tuesday, according to the announcement.15 hours ago

Why do you need to complete a Self-test for COVID-19?

They give your result in a few minutes and are different from laboratory-based tests that may take days to return your result. Self-tests along with vaccination, wearing a well-fitted mask, and physical distancing, help protect you and others by reducing the chances of spreading COVID-19.

Are masks still mandatory?

Four states have indoor mask mandates in place. Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon and Washington most people to wear face coverings in indoor public places, whether or not they have been vaccinated against COVID-19. California’s order primarily covers unvaccinated.2 days ago

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