What country is best to visit in February?

Here are the top 12 places you could consider as your destination to travel for a February vacation.

  1. Colombo- Sri Lanka. Colombo- Sri Lanka.
  2. Tromso- Norway. Tromso- Norway.
  3. Venice- Italy. Venice- Italy.
  4. Paris- France. Paris- France.
  5. Costa Rica- Central America.
  6. Saint Lucia-Caribbean.
  7. Jammu and Kashmir- India.
  8. Singapore- Asia.

Where is the nicest weather in February?

Best February Vacation Weather in the Continental US

  • Warmest City = Miami, Florida averages highs of 78.1 °F daily.
  • Warmest Ocean = the Atlantic at Miami Beach, Florida is 73 °F.
  • Warmest Park = Everglades Park, Florida has daytime highs of 83.5 °F.
  • Driest Warm Place = Lajitas, TX get 0.27 inches of rain.

What island is best to visit in February?

Best Caribbean Islands to Visit in February

  • Cayman Islands.
  • St Lucia.
  • Antigua.
  • Barbados.
  • Martinique.
  • Grenada.
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines.
  • Dominica.

How is Maldives in February?

The weather in the Maldives in February is the best as it’s very warm and dry during this time. The average temperature of the day stays at a maximum of 29°C with minimal fluctuation at night. February is the sunniest month of the year, hence the Maldives sees 10 hours of everyday sunshine.

How is Venice in February?

February is one of the coldest months of the year with bitter cold nights and a high chance of rainfall. Venice weather in February isn’t great for sunbathing or swimming in the sea, but if you’re more interested in sightseeing and exploring this beautiful city then it’s a fantastic time for a quiet holiday.

Where is hot and cheap in February?

February is peak season in the Caribbean (28ºC) and the Maldives (31ºC) and Dubai (26ºC). The best short-haul weather can be found in the Canary Islands and Madeira (both 20ºC). But there are plenty of other options.

Where can I get sun in February?

The most popular destinations in February

Hot favourites in February
Destination Temp Sunshine
Cape Verde 25°C 8 hrs
Caribbean 25°C 8 hrs
Dubai 25°C 8.5 hrs

Is Dubai hot in February?

What’s The Weather Like in Dubai in February? Dubai enjoys a hot desert climate. February is a superb time to visit the city as it is hot and sunny with little rain. Even though the temperatures are getting warmer, it’s much more comfortable than visiting in peak summer where temperatures can reach the mid-40s.

Where are the Maldives?

Indian Ocean The Maldives is an independent island country in the north-central Indian Ocean. The islands that make up the country extend more than 510 miles (820 km) from north to south and 80 miles (130 km) from east to west. The northernmost atoll is about 370 miles (600 km) south-southwest of the Indian mainland.

What island is the warmest in February?

Where is hot in February? Our top 10 destinations


What is the best beach to visit in February?

Here’s 12 of the best beach destinations for winter to avoid the cold!

  • La Jolla Beach, Southern California.
  • Pink Sands Beach, The Bahamas.
  • Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos.
  • Elafonissi Beach, Crete, Greece.
  • Laguna Beach, California.
  • Key Largo, Florida.
  • Isla Holbox, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
  • The Baths, British Virgin Islands.

How is Dubai in February?

The weather in Dubai in February is just perfect. During the day, the temperature in Dubai in February remains around 28 °C while the evenings are comparatively cooler with the temperature hovering around 18 °C February has the most pleasant temperature in Dubai when compared to temperatures throughout the year.

Is Bora Bora Nice in February?

Daily high temperatures are around 87°F, rarely falling below 85°F or exceeding 89°F. Daily low temperatures are around 79°F, rarely falling below 76°F or exceeding 81°F.

How is Bali in February?

February is still rainy season on Bali, luckily with slightly less rainfalls compared to January. You even can spend times at the pool or enjoying the sun at the beach. However, be aware of rain in the afternoon hours or any time of the day. February is interesting because Balinese are preparing for Nyepi.

How is Iceland in February?

Temperatures in Iceland in February You can also expect strong winds, storms and sometimes blizzards with extremes of temperature – even experiencing all of these in a single day. The average temperatures are usually between -3 and +3°C (26-34° Fahrenheit) in February – mild by Icelandic standards!

How is Rome in February?

Very much a winter month and therefore still mostly cold and with the occasional rainy day, February is also the time when spring slowly comes back to Rome and the result is surprisingly pleasant. This is a great time for sightseeing and, if you have kids, to enjoy the fun atmosphere of the Rome carnival!

Is February a good time to go to Italy?

February is a lovely time to visit Rome. During this month, the weather is overall mild, ranging from warm in the sun to chilly in the shade: it is the perfect weather for sightseeing!

What European countries are hot in February?

  • Tenerife. Average highs in February: 20ºC.
  • Lanzarote. Average highs in February: 20ºC.
  • La Palma. Average highs in February: 20ºC.
  • Algarve. Average highs in February: 16ºC.
  • Madeira. Average highs in February: 17ºC.
  • Marrakech. Average highs in February: 16ºC.
  • Malta and Gozo. Average highs in February: 16ºC.

Is Egypt warm in February?

It’s pretty mild at this time of year, but it’s a good idea to bring along a jumper or light jacket for the evenings. The average daily maximum is 25 C and the average daily minimum is 13 C.

Is Mauritius hot in February?

Days are usually hot with balmy evenings, so visitors should pack light and cool clothing. The average daily maximum is 27 C and the average daily minimum is 21 C.

Is Turkey hot in February?

It can be quite cool at this time of year, so visitors are recommended to take warmer clothes especially for venturing out after dark. The average daily maximum is 16 C and the average daily minimum is 8 C.

Is Dubai good for honeymoon?

Is Dubai good for honeymoon? Yeah, if you want a budget holiday, Dubai is a perfect place for planning your honeymoon. Dubai has everything for couples and the nightlife in Dubai is fantastic. In Dubai, there is so much to see and do.

What’s the hottest country in the world?

Mali Mali is the hottest country in the world, with an average yearly temperature of 83.89°F (28.83°C). Located in West Africa, Mali actually shares borders with both Burkina Faso and Senegal, which follow it on the list.

Is Greece hot in Feb?

Make no mistake, Greece is not hot in February but the weather is slowly starting to warm up, and it’s a whole lot nicer than the UK or elsewhere in Northern Europe. You might get some cloud and even some light rain showers, but if you head to the southerly islands you can expect up to six hours of daily sunshine.

Where is it warm to travel in February?

Florida, California, Texas, Arizona, and Hawaii offer the warmest weather in the US in February, and I’ll give you an overview of a few different locations so that you can see what takes your fancy…

Where is the warmest ocean water in February?

Miami Beach During winter, the warmest ocean water along the continental United States is usually at Miami Beach in the Atlantic Ocean. The water temperature off Miami averages 72 °F (22 °C) over winter. The ocean at Miami remains the country’s hottest, outside of tropical islands, throughout December, January and February.

What state is warm in February?

Warmest Destinations in February in the US The warmest states in the winter are Hawaii, Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Louisiana. The warmest cities based on average highs are: 84°F – Everglades National Park, Florida.

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